The evolution of The Vendettas began in the gym of the Wading River Middle School when The Stray Cats delivered a blistering performance just prior to their trip to England that would set in motion the  80's Rockabilly Revival. From the impact of that performance Vendettas founder Jay "jaybone" Janoski found that regardless of the style, every band he would ever be in would pay some homage to the roots of Rock and Roll.

While playing in the R&B and Soul band The Hackensack Men and The Trenton Horns, Janoski met bass player Dave "The Chin" Doscher. Later, they joined up with singer/drummer "Teenage" Lenny Brentson while performimng at a charity show. This would form the nucleus of the band and ultimately the Trio that you see today.

After six years of playing together they have crafted their show to included the great 50's jukebox hits who's rebellious energy defined that era, Rockabilly rarities, and modern songs from the likes of Bruce Springsteen. Although separated by decades, these songs share a common ancestry and merge perfectly to offer a sense of the familiar even while discovering something brand new.